Fingal Development Plan 2017 – 2023

Fingal Development Plan 2017 – 2023

The Chief Executive’s draft Fingal Development Plan 2017-2023 is attached below. Councillors are now considering the draft plan and a series of council meeting are scheduled commencing on 15th January 2016 to facilitate further consideration. The draft plan sets out the policies and objectives for the development of the County over the plan period, seeking to develop and improve, in a sustainable manner , the social, economic, environmental and cultural assets of the County.

The Chief Executives draft plan may be amended by resolution of the members within an eight week period, in this regard the last scheduled Council meeting to consider the Chief Executive’s draft is 5th February 2016. It is the plan as amended that will be published as the draft plan on or before the 19th February 2016 and a 10 week consultation period will follow.





Appropriate AssessmentDraft_Flood_Risk_Assessment



The Development Plan outlines the Strategic Vision for the County, building on its key assets and is a tool to guide private and public development in the County for a 6 year period.

The process for developing the new Fingal Development Plan review  is now under way. Below a pdf of a Booklet (English version, Irish version also available if required) which is being distributed to households, commencing this week. The Booklet will also be available on-line and in Council offices, libraries and community centres.  The link below also gives details in relation to the public consultation evenings which will be held in April.
At this initial stage of the review the Council are looking for submissions on strategic issues. The period for submissions closes on Friday 15th May.  A report will be prepared on the submissions and will be sent to Councillors by 10th July

County Development Plan Process

Fingal Development Plan 2017 – 2023

Copy of Dev Plan Schedule


Fingal Development Plan 2011-2017 – South Fingal Fringe

Below is a summary of the Development Plan for Fingal up to 2017 in relation to Charlestown, Meakstown, Ballymun, Santry, Clonshaugh, Belcamp, Balgriffin and lands between the Airport and M50.  This area is known in the Development Plan as the South Fingal Fringe.

Strategic Priorities 

The lands are nationally important given their location south of Dublin Airport and their proximity to the M50 and M1. At a county and local level the lands are important as they act as a gateway to Fingal. For the majority of citizens and visitors, this area provides the first impression of the County, and it also acts as a transition area between the City and the County. As such there is a need for the co-ordination of land uses and environmental improvements in this area.

A fundamental consideration for future development in the area is safeguarding the current and future operational, safety, technical and development requirements of Dublin Airport. The land between Dublin Airport and the M50 cannot be released for further development until the capacity of the whole transport system in this locality has been substantially augmented. As part of such augmentation the Council strongly supports the provision of a Metro link from the City Centre to the Airport and on to Swords, and a link from Tallaght to Dardistown.

The coming on line of Metro North and Metro West will in time open up the potential of these lands from a development and accessibility perspective and the area will become central in facilitating a significant public transport interchange. Existing road capacity is already a major concern along this section of the strategic network, and additional loading should be avoided unless there is a compelling need. In the longer term, when the transport system has been substantially augmented, commercial development around a public transport node together with consolidation of existing zonings can be envisaged.

The timing of the development of the South Fringe/M50 lands in conjunction with key public transport proposals and provision of new roads serving the airport is vitally important.


The developing communities of Meakstown, Lanesborough and Charlestown form an important residential settlement south of the M50 in the southwest corner of Fingal, adjacent to Dublin City. The area is well served by retail facilities but is reliant on the City Council area for schools and community facilities.


Santry is an established residential community on the border of Dublin City with close ties to the city, adjoining the excellent amenities of Santry Woods and Morton Stadium. This community is isolated from other Fingal suburbs as a result of the industrial nature of the area and the existence of Dublin Airport.


The Council’s vision for the South Fingal Fringe, including Dublin Airport, includes:

  1. A gateway to Fingal, Dublin and Ireland. South Fingal is a focus of national transport infrastructure, with the Airport as its key, the M50 and M1 as two of the nation’s most important road links and the coming on line of Metro North, and Metro West in time.
  2. A hub of the regional economy with the dynamic presence of the Airport, but also astride the M1 Economic Corridor, and close to vital development land around Blanchardstown and Swords.
  3. A ‘Green Lung’ for the whole of the north side – the Airport apart, South Fingal Fringe has a strong regional spatial and green space role for the populations of the urban areas which bound it to the north and south.
  4. Support the existing and developing population in the area by the timely delivery of enhanced community and recreational amenities accessible to all.
  5. Improve the identity of the Santry community as part of Fingal by promoting amenities in the area while improving the R132 approach from the airport


  • Promote the image and identity of the County by the improvement of environmental quality along the M50/N32 road network.


  • Promote high quality development and urban design on lands adjoining the M50 motorway and the N32.


  • Ensure planning applications for industrial development including extensions are accompanied by design statements, which demonstrate high quality landscaping and architectural treatment appropriate to their gateway location.


Realise the optimal use of lands around the airport.


Promote recreational and leisure activities within this area for the benefit of the community at large.


Produce a Land Use-Transportation Study for the M50-South Fringe Lands in conjunction with Dublin City Council and all relevant transport bodies.


Develop an enhanced identity within Fingal beyond being a fringe settlement.


Improve and deliver enhanced community and recreation amenities to the area with particular emphasis on a community centre.

Objective SANTRY 1

Improve the visual approach to Santry from Dublin Airport by encouraging a regeneration of the lands along the R132 by minimizing signage, enhancing landscaping and cleaning derelict sites.

Objective SANTRY 2

Promote Santry Woods as a Fingal amenity.

Objective SANTRY 3

Encourage enhanced landscaping and noise abatement measures along the realigned M50 where it impacts on Turnapin residents.

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