Fingal Budget and Finance

Budget 2016
The list below outlines some of the headline areas of expenditure within the overall budget of €214m:
  • €10.6m to be spent on maintenance and improvement of Local Authority housing
  • €16.8m on Rental Accommodation Scheme
  • €3.6m on economic development and tourism promotion
  • €1.75m on Community and Enterprise
  • €14.5m on Regional and Local Road maintenance and improvement
  • €4.8m on Public Lighting
  • €11.8m on Library Services
  • €16.1m on Parks and outdoor recreation
  • €500,000 for capital works at Newbridge Demense and Malahide Castle
  • €300,000 for flood defence
  • €876,000 for events including St. Patrick’s Day, Flavours of Fingal, Summer Events, Christmas Events and other special events.
In my discussions with the Chief Executive and Head of Finance I stated that my support was conditional on expenditure and investment being spread across the County. So Donabate, Meakestown, Santry and Swords needed to see investment particularly with regard to capital projects as well as the road and special works programme.
Another area I have worked on with officials is community development in particular for those estates that were built since 2000. I have received a positive response to this and some progress has been made. For example I would hope that the Meakestown area will be able to avail of summer project funding in 2016.
One other change to the budget process was a proposal that I made to officials and agreed on – The budget publications will all now include reference to Council expenditure per head of population so in 2016 the Council will spend €781 for every person living in Fingal.


The Fingal County Council Annual Budget can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Adopted Annual Budget 2014

Audited AFS 2013

The Capital Programme 2013 – 2015

Report on Capital Programme 2015 – 2017

Item 23 ii – Appendix 1- Financial Reports

In summary the 2014 budget provides for a total expenditure of €215,536,800 and income of €93,977,600. When account is taken of a net incoming debit balance of €468,300 this leaves a net requirement of €122,027,500.

The allocation from the Local Government Fund was €428,100, the estimated income from pension levy deductions amounted to €3,341,500, leaving a balance of €118,257,900 to be levied from commercial rates. This amount required an annual rate of valuation (ARV) of 0.144 for 2014.

Summary of Estimated Expenditure

  • Payroll (Salaries and Wages) €63.29m
  • Other Payroll Costs €13.79m
  • Materials/Plant €7.81m
  • Contracts €20.19m
  • Agency Services €3.35m
  • Energy €8.62m
  • Loan/Lease Charges €12.68m
  • Other Operational Expenditure €48.38m
  • State Funded/Contra €13.17m
  • Fire Protection €17.99m

Summary of Estimated Income

  • Commercial Rates €118.26m
  • Pension Deductions €5.82m
  • Irish Water €36m
  • Road Grants €5.66m
  • Other Grants (including the Local Government Fund) €17.6m
  • Rents/Repayments €20.34m
  • Agency Services €1m
  • Income from Other Services €10.86m

Distribution of Budgeted Commercial Rates Income 2014

  • Blanchardstown/Castleknock/Dubber: €46m (39%)
  • Swords/Airport/Santry: €39.9m (34%)
  • Global (Utilities and networks such as ESB/Bord Gais): €12.7m (11%)
  • Balbriggan/Skerries/Donabate: €7.9m (7%)
  • Malahide/Portmarnock: €7.6m (6%)
  • Baldoyle/Howth: €3.7m (3%)