Derelict Site in Santry

I again raised the issue of the Derelict Site beside Centra in Santry at the March Area Committee meeting.

Question tabled Below:

“To ask the Chief Executive to take action against the owners of the Mulhall’s site in Santry for allowing the site become a dumping ground. Despite raising the issue of the site being accessible no action has been taken to secure the site. Further will the cost of continually removing rubbish be billed to the owners?”

Fingal Reply:
Further to the report issued to the October 2016 meeting, a recent inspection of this location has revealed that the site is secure from trespass and clear of rubbish. There is graffiti on the walls and it detracts from the area but as this site is for sale no action will be taken at present. It is in the interest of the receiver to maintain the site in a non-derelict condition. Rubbish removed from the site was carried out at the expense of the receiver.