Mulhall’s Derelict Site – Santry

Question: Councillor J. Sinnott: Mulhalls Derelict Site – Santry Dublin: “To ask the Chief Executive for a progress report on steps being taken to ensure the receivers for this property are making efforts to secure the property and removing rubbish?”

Further to the report issued to the September meeting, a recent inspection of this site has revealed that works have been carried out in response to the Derelict Sites Notice. The site has been cleared of the rubbish and debris that had been spilling out onto the pathway and road. In addition, a fence has been attached to a small gate in an attempt to secure the site.

The Receiver has been spoken to again and been advised that, while the site may now be cleared of rubbish and litter, the works undertaken would not be sufficient to be seen as proper securing of the property against further entry and dumping.

Furthermore, the nature of the work undertaken continues to detract from the area and, in itself, would not render the site non-derelict. The Receiver has said that he will endeavour to have further works carried out as soon as possible. The Council will continue to monitor the site