Turnapin and Screening from the M50

Turnapin and Screening from the M50

Myself and Cllr Noel Rock have been liaising with the the National Roads Authority in relation to the provision of screening between Turnapin in Santry and the M1 / M50. The understanding of Fingal County Council was that an agreement was reached with the National Roads Authority that following the M50 expansion works screening re-planting would be put in place, particularly between Turnapin Lane /Turnapin Grove and the M1 / M50.

I am delighted that following an inspection the NRA have accepted that there is widespread failure of original planting. They have spoken to M50 Concessions Ltd (M50 CL), and they have committed to undertake their own inspection, and then employ a landscaping contractor to resolve the issues with the planting that has not developed, in this current planting season.