Tree Replacement in Santry

I had a meeting with the superintendent from the parks division yesterday about this issue during the week. Notice was given that some of the tree replacement work would start in the coming days.

Some trees have been listed for removal for a number of reasons and not just the lifting pavement. For example one particular tree is a Lime which is one of the largest trees in the landscape and in his opinion is wholly unsuitable for the small verge into which it was planted 8 years ago. We also have trees that have developed a structural defect called a Hazard Beam which will become dangerous as the tree grows.

I raised the issue of the timely replacement of trees and he agreed that the most sustainable approach is to replace unsuitable trees such as this as soon as practicable as resources allow to prevent bigger problems in the future. He has agreed to contact the area engineer who will advise on any footpath replacement and repair scheduled in the Santry Area. I will also follow up on this.

I was also told that provision has been made in this year’s tree planting programme to plant 12 street trees of various varieties listed below in the Santry Close Estate and 18 in Royal Oak subject to suitable sites being identified. A number of good quality large canopy open space trees will also be planted to replace trees that are to be removed from beside lamp standards. The planting will take place in the next month to 6 weeks depending on the weather.
Finally I have a motion on the agenda for the next area committee meeting of Fingal County Council calling for a policy that would require the Council to replaced felled trees within a specific time frame.