30kph Speed Limit Bye-Laws 2015

The Department of Transport Tourism and Sport issued Circular RSD (1/2014) to Local Authorities on the Control of Vehicle Speeds in Housing Estates in October 2014. During March 2015 the DTTAS published Guidelines for Setting and Managing Speed Limits.

These guide lines have confirmed the advice to Local Authorities to consider 30km/hr speed limits particularly where there are vulnerable road users on housing estate roads and local residential roads with no strategic or distributor function. A key objective of the Guide lines is to reduce vehicle speeds in housing estates in order to improve road safety for all road users, particularly children.

Following non statutory consultation for 30kph speed limits in late 2014/ early 2015 it was agreed at the Transportation Strategic Policy Committee on the 8th April 2015 that a list of pilot schemes, which have the support of residents and Elected Members, would be proposed to the Area committees.

A list of estates for 30kph proposals which was agreed by the elected members of the three area committees was put on public display during July/ August 2015. An Gardaí Siochana were consulted in relation to the proposals and commented that they had no objection to the proposed 30km/h speed limits in the selected areas but suggested that there may be an issue regarding nearby areas. An Gardaí Siochana also recommended that consideration be given to the implementation of substantial signage and traffic calming measures on the roads approaching and surrounding the proposed 30km/h zones.

The following is a list of estates where it is proposed to adopt 30kph speed limits.

Balbriggan /Swords Area :

 Boroimhe
 The Chantries
 Ridgewood
 Tayleurs Point
 Dun Emer
 St Cronan’s Ave

It is therefore recommended that the Bye-Laws be amended to cater for the 30km/h speed limits as agreed at the respective Area Committee Meetings.