Royal Oak Santry – Traffic Calming Scheme – October 2015

Royal Oak, Santry – Proposed Traffic Calming Scheme – Discussed and approved at the October Area Committee Meeting

At a meeting of the Balbriggan/Swords Area Committee on 14th May 2015, the Committee was informed that the Fingal County Council had prepared a scheme for proposed Traffic Calming measures at Royal Oak, Santry. The proposed Scheme, which is shown on Drawing Number Santry\TC001\01 includes the provision of traffic calming ramps, appropriate road signage and
markings where necessary. The Committee noted the report and agreed that the public consultation process should commence.

The public consultation process commenced on the 26th May 2015 by way of a notice having being inserted in the public press on that date. The Notice informed the public that plans and particulars of the proposed scheme were available for inspection from 26th May 2015 at Fingal County Hall, Swords. The Notice stated that submissions could be made to Fingal County Council not later than Friday 14th August 2015.

Submissions were received from the Royal Oak Residents Association


  • Requesting the extension of the carriageway centreline to the end of the green on Oak Avenue. Requested as cars passing parked cars are not returning to their own side of the road. Council Response : The centreline was placed through the bend to define the traffic path, but is not considered necessary on narrow roads within or providing access to residential areas.
  • Concerns in relation to the positioning of the ramps in consultation with the residents. Requesting the ramp within Royal Oak be moved further south. Council Response : Moving the ramp in a southerly direction towards the green bin would reduce the forward visibility of the ramp on approach from Knightswood/Coolock Lane.
  • Clarification of the ramp type, position in relation to dwelling entrances and the noise expectations were requested Council Response : The ramp proposed is a round top ramp, max height 75mm and length 3.7m. The level of noise where ramps exist is marginally higher than without. The chosen ramp locations are not directly outside houses.
  • This lack of the visibility at the entrance to Knightswood was mentioned. Response : The Design manual for Urban Roads and Streets requires a visibility splay of 49m measured at a point 2.4m from the road edge, and allows a reduction to 2.0m from the road edge in difficult circumstances. At 2.4m visibility to the right is in excess of 49m and to the left is 44m. At 2.0m visibility to the right and left is greater than 49m.
  • The proposed yellow box did not raise any issues but is considered to meet some resistance from Cllr Sinnott. Council Response : The yellow box is being proposed to allow residential access and egress on the approach to the traffic signals from Oakview.
  • Traffic signal timings. Council Response : The traffic signals are under the control of Dublin City Council (DCC) and have been assessed at the request of Fingal County Council on 2 occasions by DCC. They are also continually monitored by DCC’s SCATS and fault management systems. The timings have also been assessed by Traffic Engineers from Fingal County Council and are considered to be working correctly with timings appropriate to the operation of the overall road network in the area. The lights are controlled by a detector loop in the carriageway, if a vehicle doesn’t traverse the loop then the system doesn’t know there is a queue and will not call a green light.

Fingal County Council recommends that the Elected Members adopt the Traffic Management Scheme as proposed