Santry Derelict Site Update


I received the following reply from the Council in relation to my request for the entrance to the Mulhall’s derelict site:

“I wish to inform you that as this is private property the Council is prevented from interfering with the entrance at Oak View Santry – also known as Mulhalls and Dun Mhuire. Efforts remain ongoing to contact the registered owner of the lands and until the legal situation has been clarified, the Council is not in a position to proceed with enforcement action in this case.
A copy of your email dated 21st July 2015 was forwarded to the Litter Warden in relation to item number 2. The Litter Warden visited the site at lunch time on the 21st July 2015 and reported that the material had been removed.”

I am disappointed that action cannot be taken until the ownership of the property is established. I will continue to work on this issue and I will be formally proposing that a Compulsory Purchase Order be made.

I am pleased that the recently dumped bags were removed.