Traffic Light Sequencing – Royal Oak Santry

I have received a numbers of reps regarding another sequencing issue with the traffic lights at Royal Oak. The problem is cars coming from Oakview and the Centra shops are getting stuck as the yellow box has worn away. Recently the sequencing changed so that it stays green for longer but the gaps are larger. The knock on effect is that cars are stacking up on the Oakview side.
Fingal County Council have come back to me on this with the following response:

“The yellow box at the entrance to Royal Oak is worn but its presence is still visible to road users. Consideration will be given to its renewal when the junction and traffic calming works are being completed, if deemed necessary if the budget allows.

In relation to the traffic lights, they under the control of Dublin City Council and the query will be passed on to them. The traffic lights are controlled by a detector loop in the carriageway, if a vehicle doesn’t transverse the loop then the system doesn’t know there is a queue and will not call a green light.”