Meakestown Issues

Myself and Cllrs Duncan Smith and Philip Lynam have raised the following issues in Meakestown with Fingal County Council

St Margaret’s Road outside Mayeston Hall:
The lack of low kerbs outside the Mayeston apartments that front out on to the St. Margaret’s Road. This makes it difficult residents with prams and those who have a disability.

Jamestown Road Extension – St Margaret’s Road
The Jamestown Road extension between St. Margaret’s Rd and the roundabout at CDETB is very difficult to navigate with a pram.
The bushes and trees at Lanesborough are growing through to the path on one side and this is also making it too narrow to use at some points. On the other side of the road the footpath disappears in one place leaving gravel which is awkward to push a pram over. Wheelchair users or someone with any type of mobility aid with find extremely difficult to use either pathway.

St. Margaret’s Road between Seagrave and Lanesborough.
This route to Charlestown shopping centre from Mayeston is almost impassable with a pram as there is no pathway outside of the Castle site. When it rains there are deep pools of water along this route that are difficult to navigate.