Rathingle Playground – Swords


The ongoing situation at Rathingle Playground in Swords where, due to constant and ongoing vandalism only 3 pieces of play equipment remain in a usable state. Residents and Councillors alike have all raised the issue of the safety surface at the playground being constantly damaged.

The Council have carried out repairs each time but this is a serious draw on limited resources. In addition the goalposts at the adjoining playing pitches were recently the focus of the vandals attention. However repair works are planned to take place very shortly.

It is essential that the issue of the ongoing vandalism is tackled before new works being planned for the playground are carried out. The Council are working with us as Councillors and local residents to tackle this problem. Facilities like playgrounds are for the community and must be defended.

The Council are working through the procurement process for the full repair and refurbishment of the play equipment and playground however, the procurement process will be quite lengthy.