Meadow Area – Santry Demense


In many of the public parks in Fingal, including Santry Demesne, certain areas have been designated as meadow. Wild flowers grow and the areas become places of biodiversity. In some residential areas meadow areas are also developed. The one thing that is missing is signage and information to tell people why the Council are undertaking this and an overview of why it is a good thing.

The Council have advised me that they are working on a new suite of signage for use throughout the county. The idea is to have different banner colours for recreation, heritage, biodiversity etc. The aim is to have modern and bright signage where graffiti is easily removed and the printed metal panels are reasonably cost effective to replace.

The next phase is to install sample signs at a couple of key locations. When the process is complete and the packages finalised it will be a simple process of feeding text and photos into a template and ordering the signage. Santry has a lot of heritage features and biodiversity interest where interpretative signage could really enhance the visitors experience. I have requested that Santry be included in any pilot.