Knightswood Estate – Santry


I recently met with the Knightswood Residents Committee to go through issues they would like to see addressed within their estate.

In summary:

1) Back of Knightswood – The area has gotten very overgrown and the trees are spreading out. I noticed the path has become raised and cracked and the area is very dark. I have asked for the trees be examined and the area cleared of weeds. I was advised by residents that originally there were flowers and plants there but were removed.

2) Knightswood Green – The grass area is maintained and cut regularly. However if the weeded area on the left could be cut it would greatly improve the look of the estate. The residents did say that if this was cut back they would be very happy to maintain it. If some top soil could be provided I know they would work with it.

3) Kerbing around the Green – Many of the kerbs are now broken and damaged. I have requested that the replacement of these kerbs be added to any future minor works list

4) Footpath leading into the estate – The footpath is very wide and may be contributing to bin lorries damaging some of the kerbing. I have asked for this to be examined with a view to perhaps reducing the area of the path.

5) Utility services areas – The service areas on the green tend to be vulnerable especially when it comes to grass mowing. I can see they have been repaired a few times.

The residents are more than willing to maintain the estate it just needs a start.