Consultation with residents in Royal Oak and Knightswood – Proposed Traffic Calming Measures

I recently met with residents of Royal Oak and Knightswood in relation to the proposed traffic calming measures for both estates.

I have summarized the position of residents who attended the meeting:

  1. Residents are in favour of the two ramps being installed. However the positioning of each ramp needs to be reviewed in consultation with residents.
  2. It was proposed that the ramp within Royal Oak needs to be adjacent to the green bin. Action for me – I will flag this Council officials and seek clarification on whether there are any issues with having the ramp there. Also the first ramp leading to the estate and past Knightswood may need to be adjusted to avoid any possible negative impact on Knightswood and the houses that front the road.
  3. Clarification is needed on the type of ramp that is being proposed. Issues such as noise need to be clarified particularly for those houses that will front the ramps.
  4. While not dealt with by the traffic calming proposals the issue of the entrance to Knighthood needs to be raised. Blind spots and road safety concerns were expressed. Action for me – I will raise this with the Operations section.
  5. The proposed yellow box will impact on Oakview so a separate submission from Oakview residents is very important.
  6. The issue of traffic light timings still needs to be clarified and will be important in the context of implementing these measures.