Fingal County Council – Tree Policy


One of the issues that arises could frequently is in relation to trees in the County. The tree policy states that trees within 5m of a public lighting column would be removed over the 5 years after the policy was adopted. It was adopted in 2010. The adopted tree policy is available on-line by following the link below:

The rationale behind this objective relates to road safety and crime. Dark streets result in people felling unsafe in their own estates and leads to a fear of crime amongst residents and visitors.

Pruning of trees blocking street lights is considered unsustainable by Fingal. Pruning of large trees results in rapid regrowth which quickly blocks the light again. To keep a street light working as designed adjacent street trees would require pruning every 3-4 years which merely results in an unbalanced disfigured tree with multiple pruning wounds which become potential sites of infection by decay causing organisms. Repeated pruning of the sheer number of such trees identified in the area alone would absorb all of the available tree maintenance resources allowing no other maintenance to be done to the detriment of the total tree stock.

The policy of the Council is to put leaflets into the house that are directly affected by proposed works. Where an active residents association exists Council officials are happy to meet and outline the works in advance.