Submission to Fingal County Council – Stage One of the Fingal Development Plan 2017 – 2023

Fingal County Council, in consultation with the community and other stakeholders, is working on a new Development Plan that will shape the future growth of the County over the next 6 years. The review commenced on Friday the 20th of March 2015 and will take up to 2 years to complete, concluding with the publication of the Fingal Development Plan 2017-2023.

The Pre-Draft Plan stage of the Development Plan process ran from March 20th 2015 to 4.30pm on May 15th 2015 and submissions were invited.

My full submission is attached.

Submission to Fingal Development Plan 2017 – 2023

Summary Points:

  1. In tandem with the development of a new plan there needs to be a review of the outgoing plan (2011 -2017). In particular the list of local objectives need to be examined and evaluated. Were they delivered on? If they were delivered on did they make a difference as intended and improve the county? For those objectives that have not been delivered on an explanation and rationale must be outlined as to why they have not been achieved.
  2. One gap in the current plan is the absence of costs associated with delivery of local objectives. It is important that any new plan details what funding will be required to deliver on its objectives. Each local objective should include an estimated cost. It will also show the spread of funding by area so residents can see the investment in their community.
  3. Over the life of the next development plan Fingal will see a significant increase in construction with an estimated 41,000 new homes being built. The aftermath of the construction crash is still being felt and indeed one of the legacies of the boom is poor planning and in many cases poorly developed apartments and houses. The mistakes of the past need to shape how we approach planning. While sustainable planning and development are the buzz words, any new plan need to spell out exactly what that means.
  4. Development contributions under section 48 and section 49 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 provide vital funding to infrastructure. Any reductions will have both a serious impact on the ability of the Council to provide the necessary services and the liability for providing services will fall on the commercial sector as well as existing households.
  5. The uncertainty of what a future transport plan may deliver does hamper the County both economically and from a quality of life point of view. The key objective for any transport plan is the ability to serve a growing population. Any decision must be taken with the future population projections in mind.