Derelict House beside Royal Oak and Centra in Santry


A quick update on the issue of the derelict house beside Royal Oak in Santry. The Fingal County Council Inspectorate have followed through on establishing ownership of the property.

The previous owners of the site Damien Keogh Construction have been reinstated by order of the Circuit Court after complying with the legal requests of the Court. To this end the Council have written to the Company Secretary and Director in relation to the dereliction and dumping issues at their property.

The Council have requested that the site be cleared of rubbish , made secure and maintained in a neat condition. These letters were issued on 6th January. The Council have also notified the Companies Solicitors.

The litter wardens intend to visit the site tomorrow (21st January 2015) in order to ascertain if the dumping is occurring on public areas. They are limited legally for dumping on private property.