Swords Castle Masterplan Update – December 2014


Fingal County Council is currently preparing an Architectural Masterplan for the Swords Castle Area. An important part of preparing the plan is to seek Stakeholder input – we need to gather data and thoughts and to transform them into actionable ideas.

In order to gather this information we designed a consultation process which started with consulting the people of Swords – based on our previous work in Malahide, Balbriggan and Howth.

The first stage was held on the 8th December – Council staff went out onto Swords Main Street from 10am to 1pm to hold a conversation with passers-by.
They asked questions to find out more such as:

• How does this area make you feel?
• If you were in charge, what would you improve?
• Can you tell me about a special memory, place or experience in this area?

The Council have found the on street conversation process very useful and very positive tool to engage with a broad range of people. It is also a particularly effective way of assessing opinions and attitudes at the beginning of any project. It is very beneficial to hear directly from the users of the street their ideas, dreams, memories and what is of most concern to them. The information gathered will be used to frame a number of short questions that we will ask invited stakeholders to brainstorm at a short gathering the Council are planning to hold in County Hall on Monday the 15th December from 5.30pm to 7pm.

This will be an informal gathering where groups of up to eight people assisted by a facilitator will be asked to brainstorm approximately three or four questions/ statements based on what the Council heard from the street conversations.