Grass Cutting Schedule in the Area

In reply to a question from my Council colleague, Cllr Adrian Henchy, on the schedule for grass cutting the Council provided the following reply:

The pitches, open spaces and verges of the Swords, Santry, Turnapin, Rolestown and Rivermeade areas are maintained from the Swords Depot which represents over 225 hectares of sward over more than 175 sites across a large geographical area. There is a maximum of 8 staff engaged in grass maintenance at any one time during the growing season. 1 member of staff cuts pitches full time with a tractor and large mower. 2 members of staff cut the larger open spaces in north and west Swords, and another 2 members of staff cut the larger open spaces across south Swords and Santry. 2 further members of staff cut verges and smaller incidental open spaces on compact mowing equipment across the entire area and 1 member of staff cuts areas only accessible with a pedestrian mower.

The greatest priority is given to the maintenance of sports areas to keep them fit for purpose. The next level of priority is given to Town Parks, Civic Spaces and approach roads to towns. These areas are of utmost importance to the look of Fingal’s towns and villages and serve to promote the tourism and business interests and the ambitions of the local Tidy Towns groups. The next level of priority is given to residential open space. These open spaces are mown in rotation. The length of time it takes to complete 1 rotation varies as it is weather dependent but is generally between 4 and 6 weeks.

During the spring growth surge in late April and May when grass can grow at up to 5 inches a week is when the majority of complaints regarding grass cutting are received. It is very difficult to keep open spaces in residential areas looking their best during this period. In all but the wettest years most open spaces will receive the 3rd cut of the year in early to mid-June which ensures that the open spaces are well presented into the summer mont