Report on Dublin Waste to Energy Project



Monday, 8th September, 2014

Item No: 26

Report on the Dublin Waste to Energy (DWtE) Project

The Dublin Waste to Energy (DWtE) Project has its origins in the development of a waste management strategy for the Dublin Region in the late 1990’s.  The project is fully consistent with EU and National Waste Policy and is a key element of the national waste infrastructure in achieving Ireland’s obligations under the Landfill Directive.  The facility will be located at Poolbeg.

The project is a Public Private Partnership between Dublin City Council (acting on behalf of the four Dublin Local Authorities) and Dublin Waste to Energy Ltd.  The project has received all of the statutory consents required.  Arising from significant changes in the waste market in recent years, the original Project Agreement, which was signed in 2007, has now been renegotiated.

A decision must now be made on whether to proceed with the project or not.   This decision is an executive decision for the Chief Executives of the four Dublin local authorities (DLAs).  The project will proceed if the revised Project Agreement and related Agreements are signed by the four DLA Chief Executives and by Dublin Waste to Energy Ltd.

Detailed reports in relation to the proposed project are being provided to the Elected Members of the four DLAs as follows:-

  • Briefing Note on Proposed Dublin Waste to Energy (DWtE) Project & Notification under Section 138 Local Government Act 2001 by Owen P. Keegan, Chief Executive, Dublin City Council dated 5th September, 2014

    Final DWtE Report of DCC CE 04092014

  • “Dublin Waste to Energy Waste Market Assessment” by RPS (August 2014)

    RPS Report Final

  • “Cost Benefit Analysis on the Dublin Waste to Energy Project” by PWC (August 2014).

    PWC Report Final

Costs in relation to the project are shared between the four DLAs based on population.  Fingal County Council’s current share is 21.5% based on Census 2011.  To date, €16.8m has been paid to Dublin City Council.

Fingal County Council approved the raising of a loan of €20.22m in December 2013.  Loan sanction was received from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government in June 2014 subject to the loan being fully drawn down in 2014.  It is intended to draw down the full loan before the end of 2014.

Based on all of the advices and information available, including independent assessments, the four Chief Executives have concluded that a decision to proceed with the project at this stage represents both ‘value for money’ and by far the best Option for the DLAs.