Mayeston Public Lighting Update:

I and the residents of Mayeston have repeatedly requested Fingal County Council to repair the public lighting in the estate. The responses so far have been disappointing to say the least. There view is that because the roads and services in Mayeston are not in the charge of the Council the responsibility for the estate still lies with the developer/management company.

The Council are putting the blame on the Public Lighting Contractor for the estate who were engaged and was employed by the developer – not the Council. The Public Lighting Contractor for the estate connected some lights to the electrical supply but did not inform the Council and it is some of these lights that are now faulty.

As a result of the investigations by the Council’s Public Lighting Section, some of the outstanding electrical certificates for those extra lights were submitted last Friday. The Senior Executive Engineer for Public Lighting has sent a map to the Council’s maintenance contractor for further inspection.

I have asked and am looking for an answer to a very straight forward question – When will the Council repair the public lighting? Further what are the time scales for taking this estate in charge?

I intend to fight this until the lights are fixed.