Meakstown Pub Site


The derelict site where the Meakestown Castle pub was has been an issue that has been ongoing for a considerable number of years with the site being vacant since 2008. I and other local representatives such as Cllr Darragh Butler and Cllr Duncan Smith have been pushing for a solution to this and for the site to be cleaned up.The issue that the Council has is that the site itself is owned by a developer that is now bankrupt. As I understand it, the same developer responsible for Priory Hall.

The Council has tried to enforce an order to maintain the site but the former developer is bankrupt and issue of ownership /responsibility is yet to be resolved. I have requested the Council to everything in its power to pursue the developer and ensure that the site is bricked up and made safe.

To this end, the Planning Section will be taking the necessary steps to have the site placed on the Derelict Sites Register. However this will not address the valid concerns regarding illegal trespass and the dangerous nature of the building itself.

Fingal staff with responsibility for Dangerous Structures / Places have been requested to take steps under the Local Government (Sanitary Services) Act, 1964.