Meakstown/St. Margarets Road – Dumping

I recently was in touch with Fingal County Council regarding illegal dumping on the St Margaret’s Road.

The open space along St. Margarets Road, past Seagrave on the approach to Lanesborough, will be again cleaned by the Operations Department staff on 12th August. The Litter Warden has been requested to examine the collected items, with a view to identifying the person/s carrying out the continuing litter offences at this location. The Operations staff have cleared this area on a number of occasions in the recent past but fly tipping and dumping continues to take place.

The Council undertook a major clean-up and road closure works near Musgraves in recent weeks and this has very significantly reduced the incidences of dumping at this location and the area is continuing to be monitored by Council staff.

A contractor has also been appointed to carry out the clean-up works on the site adjacent to the Meakstown halting site, opposite Seagrave.  The Council has stated that the delay in having these works carried out has been unavoidable but they are looking to have this work completed before the end of August.