Swords Cultural Quarter Architectural Masterplan

Swords Masterplan Update.

The link above details the Swords Cultural Quarter Architectural Masterplan presented at the Swords/Balbriggan Area Committee meeting on 15th July 2014.

This long term sustainable project has been identified as desirable for the area  at Swords Castle. Several potential elements have been identified;

1. Environmental improvements to the public realm in the area to reinforce  the identity of the area as a place within the town of Swords.
2. Works to Swords Castle as identified in its recently completed Conservation  Plan.
3. The initiation and continuance of cultural events within and around the castle.
4. Development of space within the area to encourage the development of  the place as an place for artistic endeavour
5. To develop the place for Cultural Tourism activities.
6. To explore the area as a location for Swords Public Library and Civic Theatre.


The presentation can be viewed here: