Ridgewood Avenue, Swords: Traffic Report

Ridgewood Avenue-Traffic Calming Report

At the Balbriggan/Swords Area Committee meeting on Tuesday 15th July the attached traffic report was approved by Councillors as was the phasing of the works.

In the absence of objections, it is the intention of Fingal County Council to immediately commence the implementation of Phase 1 of the works, i.e. those works that do not require formal public consultation and approval by the Councillors. Those works consist of works other than the provision of ramps, i.e. solar powered signage, improved signing and lining and a dedicated crossing point from the open space area.

It was agreed that the double yellow lining along the open space area could be deferred until the ramps were being provided along Ridgewood Avenue (subject to agreement with the Gardai).

Officials in Fingal are working on the production of the necessary drawings and details for the ramps in order to commence the public consultation process for Phase 2 of the agreed measures.