Council Transparency: Councillor participation on external bodies

I contacted the Mayor and Fingal Chief Executive Officer over the weekend to ensure we have as much transparency as possible on the work of the Council and Councillors. I requested that reports of the Special Purpose Committees continue to made freely available on the Fingal County Council website in particular that the reports are kept up to date.

I’ve also requested that a section be added to the Fingal County Council website to include Councillors work on external bodies. It should list the bodies and the Councillors who have been nominated. Attendances at conferences and an annual report from each Councillor sitting should also be made available.

In my view it is absolutely essential that any Councillor that sits on an external body or goes to a conference reports back in detail to the Council and provides for a report that would then go on-line.

We need to ensure that the Council is getting value from being on such bodies. We also need to review our participation on every body we nominate members to and ensure that they are both value for money and bring value to the Council.