Road Safety in Ridgewood – Swords

Myself and the other Swords Ward Councillors have been working with residents in Ridgewood to implement road safety and traffic calming measures in the estate. Construction work at the back of the estate which began some time ago has increased traffic through the Ridgewood bringing with it real safety problems.

The residents in Ridgewood brought the issue to the attention of the Operations Department /Traffic Section in Fingal County Council who have stated that a resolution is a priority. A number of site meetings have taken place with the developer and the site manager. Fingal have advised me that a comprehensive traffic report, with recommendations for improved traffic calming and safety measures, is at an advanced stage of completion.

A follow up meeting to consider the key recommendations of this report will take place next month. It was agreed that additional signage be provided on site and an improved arrangement for site construction vehicles accessing the site in the early morning has been put in place.

While I note and appreciate the efforts made by the Council I have placed on record my concern that problems are continuing. Residents have reported that construction employees continue to be driving too fast through the estate. Despite reporting these incidents directly to the site foreman it remains an issue. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible.