Installation of Water Metres – Swords Area

I was in touch with the Regional Communications Manager with Irish Water regarding the installation of water metres in the Swords area which has been taking place.

There were two issues that I raised so as to ensure people’s lives are not disrupted more than they have to:

1) Limiting the installation and work on metering being done in the evening. When the metres were put in Lanesborough and Santry work was still occurring at 7.30pm. This is not fair or appropriate. I requested that no work occurs after 6.30pm. Equally no work should begin before 9am. Irish Water say they are contracted to do the work between 7.30am and 6.30pm.

2) Inconvenience: I requested that Irish Water contractors be aware of peoples access to their driveways and that the area is returned to the way it was originally. No trees should be damaged or grass verges or plants. If anything is damaged the onus must be on Irish Water to repair or replace it. Irish Water have stated that they will honour this.

If anyone experiences any issues or their estates are damaged in anyway please let me know and I will raise it directly with Irish Water.