Santry Local Neighbourhood Watch Forum

I was delighted to attend a local neighbourhood watch meeting recently with representatives of all the estates in Santry. It is absolutely vital that crime and antisocial behaviour is tackled at a community level and the role of residents committees in this regard is invaluable.

The meeting itself  was extremely useful with some excellent advice on safety and preventing burglaries. The message we all got from the Gardai was that we should report all crimes – no matter how small and we need to be vigilant about suspicious behaviour in our estates.

If we see people hanging around estates or looking at houses the advice is to report it immediately. Most crime is opportunistic and when it comes to break-ins in a lot of cases its strangers coming in and scoping the area and then chancing their arm.

One other issue is burglar alarms which we sometimes ignore when they go off , the advice is always to check if an alarm has gone off. Burglar alarms also need to be serviced regularly and the Gardai stated that the problem with faulty alarms is widespread and is leaving properties vulnerable.

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