Road between Royal Oak and Knightswood

Photo: I made a formal application to Fingal to increase safety measures at the Royal Oak bend. While I'm delighted that that they accepted my request and installed additional signage I will be writing to the County Manager to request that the Council investigate and consult with residents on the possibility of installing a small ramp on the stretch of road before the bend.

I have called on Fingal County Council to consult with the residents of Knightswood and Royal Oak in Santry on implementing greater road safety measures on the main road between the two estates.

Over the New Year period a car lost control and destroyed the wall at the bend in the road. Residents have expressed concern that a minority of motorists are speeding on this road and more accidents will occur unless action is taken.

In the aftermath of the crash I contacted Fingal County Council who agreed to install better signage on this road. However further consultation with residents on safety measures needs to happen. One proposal to be considered may be the installation of a single ramp before the bend in the road.

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