Water Metering for Apartments


Water metering is being rolled out by the Fine Gael and Labour Government from 2015 onward.

One issue I raised previously is how apartment residents would be assessed for this charge. The initial suggestion had been simply imposing a flat rate charge which would be very unfair.

Irish Water the company charged with rolling out the project has just completed a technical study on water metering in apartment complexes. They are now aware of the various setups in apartment complexes and the associated works required for metering.

The Department of the Environment commissioned this technical study and I understand Irish Water expect to hand over the report next week. Essentially what will happen over the coming months is Government will determine their policy on apartments.

The issue really comes down to how the roll out of metering for apartments will be done. The fact that that Irish Water have worked with the Apartment Owners Network on their pilot studies is positive so there may be an opportunity for us to influence policy on water charges for apartments.

Irish Water and the Department of the Environment seem to accept that apartment owners cannot have a flat charge imposed on them.

There is now an opportunity for apartment residents to let their voices be heard. There needs to be an equitable solution so that people living in apartments are not penalized.

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