Donabate/Portrane All Weather Hockey Pitch


An issue that has continued to be a huge source of frustration for Donabate and Portrane residents has been the ongoing remediation process for the Donabate All Weather Hockey Pitch. The issue dates back to late 2011 when just three days after the all-weather pitch was completed, much of Donabate was flooded. Unfortunately the surface of the all-weather pitch was rendered unusable and damaged beyond repair. For almost two years now the Donabate and Portrane community has been denied access to the pitch.

Legal wrangling and issues in relation to insurance have meant that the pitch remains unused. While Fingal County Council has defended its actions the time has come for the Council to address this ongoing saga and instigate the necessary repair works within a reasonable time frame. With over a million euro spent on the facility it is time the community gets to see its benefit.

It is also essential that the Council keep residents, community groups and clubs informed of progress and include them part of the process of getting this facility up and running.

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