Northwood Spine Road – Santry

Northwood Spine Road (Northwood Avenue)

Northwood Avenue - Private Road

The Northwood spine road (Northwood Avenue) continues to see heavy volumes of traffic pass through it at all times of the day but particularly during week day rush hours. While the road is designated as ‘private’ and supposedly maintained by an Estate Management Company the reality for residents is very different. Northwood residents are expected to pay for the cost of maintaining this road because it is designated as being private. This is an unfair imposition as the road is now effectively public and residents have no say in the upkeep or running of the road and are simply presented with a bill for ‘maintenance’.

Northwood Avenue - No Barrier

The pictures show that a barrier operation system was intended to be used however this has never been the case and is frankly unworkable at this stage. Despite many requests to Northwood Management for information on the number of cars stopped at these barrier and my requests for data in relation to traffic volume they have never been answered. I have written to this company on 10 occasions since 2010 looking for basic information but I have never had a response. This is unacceptable.

Northwood Avenue - Security Hut

The reality is the Northwood Estate has developed to the point now where we have 1,400 residential units, new businesses and new retail outlets which puts enormous strain on the road. It is also understandably used by other members of the public as an access route from Ballymun to Santry and also a route to the M50. This cannot be considered a private road and the residents of Northwood should not have to pay for the maintenance of what is now effectively a public road. It is time to explore options for the future including the transfer of the road to Council control. However no decision should be made without full consultation with residents in Northwood and if necessary a plebiscite to decide the future of the Northwood spine road / Northwood Avenue.

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