Santry Demense Licensing Agreement

Northwood Avenue

Campaign to prevent renewal of Licensing Agreement between Fingal County Council and Estate Management Company

One of the major issues I took on this year was management of the area in and around Northwood. For 10 years this estate was managed by a private company that then passed the cost on to the residents of Northwood. When the agreement was up for renewal in May 2013 I took the opportunity to address an issue I felt was deeply unfair on residents.

Northwood Avenue

The existing licensing agreement was too general with no performance indicators. Basic functions such as maintaining the grass should not be done by a private company, as this is Fingal property.

When the Household Charge was introduced I wrote to the Fingal County Manager pointing out the unfairness of householders in the area having to pay a Household Charge and subsequently a Property Tax but at the same time services that should have been provided by the Council being outsourced to private companies.

I proposed the following in 2012:

  1. All contracts between Fingal County Council and Northwood Management for services that would normally be undertaken by a local authority are not renewed in light of the introduction of the Household Charge.
  2. Responsibility for the maintenance of Northwood Lake reverts back to Fingal County Council in light of the introduction of the Household Charge.

In early 2013 I began my campaign to prevent the renewal of the licence again on the grounds that services that the Council would normally undertake should not be outsourced to a private company.  I was delighted to be informed by Council officials that the maintenance of the area would revert back from 1st June. The changeover has worked very well and the area is managed to a very high standard at no additional cost to the residents of the estate.

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