Northwood Lake

Northwood Lake - View from Northwood Avenue 1

Northwood Lake – Fountain Repair

When I first joined the Parklands Residents’ Committee in 2009 I began to campaign for the fountain on Santry/Northwood lake to be repaired as it had laid idle for almost a year. Finally after 12 months of letters, emails and lobbying local reps, the Estate Management Company and Fingal County Council repaired the fountain. However as residents will know in May 2013 the Estate Company again made the decision to turn off the fountain citing damage and stating that it was no longer responsible for maintaining the lake.

Northwood Lake - View from Northwood Avenue 2

Proposals for the future

While I welcome the change of responsibility, from a private company to the Council, there is an urgent need to come up with a strategy for maintaining the lake. We already have a perfect example of best practice in the Santry Community Garden which has grown into a huge asset for the Santry area and it is important to recognise that it is run by dedicated volunteers. I would dearly love to see something similar being initiated for the Santry/Northwood Lake. I propose:

  • A strategy for maintaining and cleaning the lake to be agreed between the residents of the area and the council.
  • The establishment of an informal group of residents to develop ideas and suggestions for the Lake.
  • A twice yearly community clean-up.
  • Procedures to be put in place to ensure wildlife is protected and this should include the regular testing of the water.

I have made a formal request to Fingal County Council for a bin to be provided adjacent to the lake. I believe the installation of a bin in the area will cut back on waste and give the lake some protection. There is no facility at the lake for people to discard their rubbish and with the recent good weather some of the rubbish such as plastic bottles and bags has ended up floating in the lake. Apart from looking poor it does impact on the wildlife also.

The Northwood lake is a brilliant asset that needs to be protected. I am proud we have this amenity and I want Fingal County Council to ensure it remains clean, free from litter where wildlife can thrive and families can enjoy.

Northwood Lake - View from Northwood Avenue 3

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