Northwood/Santry Close – Swords Road bus stops

Bus stop at Santry Close/Northwood Avenue

Bus Stop Real Time Information

For the past 18 months I have been lobbying the National Transport Authority to install Real Time Passenger Information at the bus stops at junction of Santry Close/Swords Rd and Northwood estate.  These bus stops are used by residents of Northwood and Turnapin/Santry Close and are served by the 16, 33, 41 and 27B buses:

  • Santry Close, stop 1637, southbound
  • Northwood Plaza, stop 1626, northbound

While the Real Time information system was installed some months back at the southbound stop it has never been switched on. I was advised that the delay in switching it on rested with the ESB who have to enable the connection.  I was given confirmation that it would be switched on by the end of August but this has not been done. It is very frustrating that the service has not been implemented considering the amount of people living in Northwood and in Santry that use this bus stop.

No work has been done to date on installation of Real Time Northbound which is difficult to understand considering the number of people who work at Dublin Airport and in Swords.

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